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Self Portrait Painting Drawing — September 2015

My 2nd Self Portrait Painting Can we be perfectly honest here? If you want a shock, have someone take a profile photo of you! I happened upon this revelation in my art class. I began studying with an art instructor … Continue reading

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Painting Child Portraits: #2/3 ‘Princess Charly’

I really love painting child portraits, especially of my granddaughter Charly! This is the second in a set of three portraits I’m doing in the style of famous artists. Franz Winterhalter Painted Child Portraits My ‘Princess Charly’ was inspired by Franz … Continue reading

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Family Painting — ‘The Puzzlers’

We are family ♫ I got all my sisters and me! ♫ Sing it! I love to paint flowers, still lifes and landscapes. But the most fun for me is PEOPLE, especially those I know and love. This recently completed … Continue reading

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