Still Life Fruit, Ceramic and Scarf ‘Teapot and Clementines’


‘Teapot and Clementines’, still life fruit painting by Valerie Rawlings

How about a cup of tea and a juicy clementine?

My latest still life fruit painting was inspired by a trip to Whole Foods last week. I was looking for a bright colored subject to put next to my turquoise teapot. We’ve had some really cold (it actually snowed!) and gray weather here in Austin; and I wanted to paint something to brighten things up. This fruit still life painting — and the fun I had creating it and eating the fruit — really did the trick!

For those not familiar with these delicious fruit, a clementine is a deep orange, easy-to-peel tangerine native to North Africa. They were named for Father Clement Rodier, a French missionary who developed the hybrid in the city of Oran, Algeria. These days clementines are also grown in South Africa and all around the Mediterranean Sea.

Last week, I committed myself to a whole bag of these yummy “seedless tangerines” (only 36 Calories each). After getting these beauties home, I whisked three of them downstairs to my art studio, to be the stars of my still life fruit painting. I thought the orange color would be nice juxtaposed against my favorite turquoise teapot. After some arranging and lighting adjustments, I decided they would make a bright and fruitful still life.

During three days of painting and partying, I consumed quite a few of the three clementines’ siblings that were hanging out in the kitchen. Delicious! Finally, the only clementines left in the house were the three fruit in the still life set up. [Uh-oh.]

And as the music swelled — Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman singing “Time to Say Goodbye”I ate them all! Fortunately I have the still life fruit painting as a tribute to their beauty and yumminess!

Hope you are celebrating something yummy this week too!

About Valerie Rawlings

Austin, Texas oil painter focusing on portraits, landscapes and still life paintings
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2 Responses to Still Life Fruit, Ceramic and Scarf ‘Teapot and Clementines’

  1. Jan says:

    Three of my very favorite things: turquoise, clementines and you! And not necessarily in that order. Beautiful painting!

    • Thanks for commenting on my still life painting! I never really thought I would be able to eat all those clementines by myself, but it was easy! Presently I am working on a “floral still life” that is really in a category by itself—it’s succulents! I also have a big canvas prepped for a sort of abstract waterfall, which I suppose we will have to call a landscape. Stay tuned, more to come!