Floral Still Life Painting (4/8/14): ‘Two White Roses’



‘Two White Roses’ — floral still life painting by Valerie Rawlings

April Floral Still Life Painting

Here is my latest floral still life — painted from a set up I staged in my Austin, Texas studio. [As if I have multiple studios? No, my marketing advisor made me say it!] I incorporated three of my favorite turquoise vases, a pale green tablecloth, and two fabulous white roses with a neon greenish tint. I was so distracted by the roses, I almost forgot about the cool lime green berries that really seemed to complete the vignette!

I managed to use all my favorite tubes of color, and used only a palette knife to apply the paint. It was such fun pushing around those gorgeous globs of color! I do think the palette knife is a good challenge for me. Instead of brushing the paint on and trying to blend it to the right color, I have to make a decision about exactly what color and shape I want THIS particular “bit” to be. I had to tell myself “Be decisive! Be bold!”

The result is a floral still life with clearer and more vibrant colors, I think. I hope you like it!

My Favorite Floral Still Life Paintings

As I was planning this, I thought about some of my favorite floral still life painting masterpieces — Van Gogh’s ‘Irises’, Monet’s ‘Waterlillies at Giverny’ and ‘Red Poppy’ by Georgia O’Keefe. We are very fortunate to have ‘Irises’. Van Gogh admitted himself into an asylum in Saint-Rémy, France in 1889; and he painted this the first week. Since he made no preliminary drawings, historians believe Van Gogh created this merely as a floral still life design study. Imagine all the other paintings he may have discarded! Fortunately his brother Theo was impressed by the boldness and quality of the painting, and submitted the floral still life to the Salon des Independants exhibition, where it was widely praised.

As you go out into the world today, be decisive and bold! It feels really good!

About Valerie Rawlings

Austin, Texas oil painter focusing on portraits, landscapes and still life paintings
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3 Responses to Floral Still Life Painting (4/8/14): ‘Two White Roses’

  1. kyra says:

    This one is a keeper! Love it~

  2. Caren Upshaw says:

    YOUR GLASSWORK IS AMAZING!! the flowers are great too, and thanks for the missive to be bold! I will try to do just that .