4 Yellow Daisy Still Lifes


Yellow Daisy in a Teapot


Yellow Daisies in a Canning Jar

On a recent trip to Corpus Christi, I stopped by my favorite antique store in Geronimo, Texas! Located just north of Seguin, Geronimo boasts a population of 1032, one gas station, and five antique stores. Over the years I’ve stopped here many times to browse, and this is where I purchased the two stained glass windows that hang in the bathrooms of the house we remodeled in Austin. This time I scored a couple of very charming flower holders to use in my still life floral paintings.


Yellow Daisy in a Black Vase

This one is a cute little Oaxacan pottery vase with a handle. It has the characteristic black clay with a beautiful silvery gloss. I was very pleased to see it reflect the pattern of the scarf underneath — this will add some more color to future still lifes. The black vase makes such a good foil for bold and colorful flowers! You will be seeing it often in the future.


Yellow Daisy Closeup

And the last floral oil painting in this series features a very happy yellow daisy. You may be seeing more of her in the future, too!

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Austin, Texas oil painter focusing on portraits, landscapes and still life paintings
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