Original Oil Paintings at Prices You Can Afford

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Painting prices are determined based on your initial conversation with Austin artist Valerie Rawlings. The price of each painting is based on the size, number of subjects, complexity of your picture and the art work to be painted.

After reviewing the picture(s) you provide and talking with you about the unique oil painting she envisions creating for you, Valerie will provide a firm price quote, including shipping. Here are typical paintings prices for individual oil-on-canvas portraits:

     6″x6″  $150     8″x8″  $175     8″x10″  $200     12″x12″  $275     12″x16″  $300     16″x20″  $400     18″x24″  $450

Pricing for different sizes is available on request.

paint-brushesThe price includes the original oil painting (painted and signed by Valerie Rawlings) on your choice of studio wrapped canvas (1 3/4″ frame) — or stretched canvas suitable for framing. Shipping, insurance and sales tax are additional and will be included in the price quoted.

Payment Terms: An initial, non-refundable payment of 30% of the total painting price is due when the order is placed. The remainder is due prior to shipping, following your approval of a photograph of the finished work. We expect you will be delighted with the finished painting; but, in the event you decide not to approve and accept the art work, we will return any hardcopy picture(s) you provided.

In addition to an original oil painting, Valerie can also provide Giclee reproductions. Giclees are ideal for sharing group portraits with friends or relatives!  Giclee reproduction pricing (per copy):

          8″x8″  $90        8″x10″  $100        12″x12″  $120        12″x16″  $150

As with the original oil painting, giclee reproductions can be obtained in larger sizes. Contact us for specific pricing.

dog-portrait-paintingVal Rawlings will provide you with a firm price quote before accepting the commission. Here are a few rules of thumb about paintings prices for portraits, still life and landscapes:

A family portrait price increases with the number of family members being painted. Typically each additional person in a family portrait adds 30% to the cost. The cost of a still life also increases with the number of objects being painted.

Similarly, pet paintings prices vary by the number of pets. And we offer special prices for paintings of people and pets together.

Landscapes and still life prices are generally the same as for similarly sized portrait paintings. Finely detailed portraits, intricate still lifes or complex landscapes will have higher painting prices than less detailed compositions.

Valerie is eager to talk with you about transforming your photo(s) into a beautiful painting! Call today to discuss the unique masterpiece you’d like her to paint, and she can give you a quote over the phone (512) 422-0654

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