‘Two Little Cowboys’ Portrait Painting and Fond Memories

2-cowboys-portrait-paintingI finally got a chance to do this cowboys portrait painting in my new basement art studio overlooking Lake Travis! It took more than a year to build the house; and with all the moving and decorating, I’ve gone six long weeks without lifting a paintbrush. But the new studio is great: I have have lots of light, plenty of storage for canvasses and art supplies — and enough space to have several paintings going at once.

I had a request for another commission back in February; but I put everything on hold to concentrate on the house move. Finally I was ready! So a couple of weeks ago, I contacted my “patron” David. Surprise! He said he wanted me to do this Two Little Cowboys portrait painting for his girlfriend first.

My Cowboys Portrait Painting Subjects

The adorable photo he sent me showed two little guys who looked so much like MY boys at that age that I just couldn’t believe it! My guys are 27 and 30 now, and WOW did that photo bring back some memories! We used to go to the Austin rodeo every year and the kids always looked just like this — ready to rope a calf or ride a bull if necessary. Look how the hats are wider than THEY are!!! So precious!

I’m kinda curious to know what these two really look like; but on the other hand, I feel like I KNOW them perfectly.


Future Cowboys Portrait Paintings Material?

These are my own little cowboys, Clark and Ross (age 2 and 5). Maybe I’ll do a cowboys portrait painting of them some day.

This week, I ordered a self-contained portable air conditioner for the studio. Hopefully it will be useable even on the hottest summer day. One of the nicest things about my workspace is that with the access from the outside deck, down the stairs, it is like “going to work”. Remote and private, with no household distractions to get in the way of progress! I can put on my tunes or have silence — no TV competing in the background. OH, YES, I’m in heaven.

But this week I’ll be starting on another commission from David. I already have it sketched out, and have some ideas about the composition, colors and shading I want to use. And I’m looking forward to more singing, dancing and painting in my new dreamy studio.

I hope you all do something you love in a place that brings you joy!

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6 Responses to ‘Two Little Cowboys’ Portrait Painting and Fond Memories

  1. caren says:

    I thought those cowboys were yours…but so glad you added the REAL pictures of their precious cherubic faces !

    • THanks, Caren! They did have cherubic faces! This weekend when I saw them both I just had to marvel at how grown they are now. It is astounding when I look WAY up into their faces!

  2. Ann says:

    Just love the painting! And just love the photos of Ross and Clark as cowboys! I’d never seen those and they are precious.

    • Thank you Ann! I bet you have pictures of your babies as cowboy and cowgirl. I even had a picture of myself in cowgirl gear, but I couldn’t put my hands on it!

  3. Karen McDonald says:

    So cute. I hope you do paint Ross and Clark – they are too adorable to resist!!

    • Actually Karen, I did paint them a long time ago. It was one of my first attempts. It’s not super. I should give it another try. The photo is pretty near perfect, so I probably can’t improve on it!