Birthday Cards — Order Now!

The PERFECT birthday cards for your fabulous friends “of a certain age”:


Custom Birthday Cards for Sale!

Just $12 for a set of four 5×7 birthday cards
All have identical text, inside and out
On the front – four unique, sassy, mature women!
Includes four colored envelopes

Inspiration for the Birthday Cards

The four mixed media collages depicted on these birthday cards were created in August when I made a trip to Florida to visit cousin Karen. She had a painted platter that featured a couple of women wearing sunglasses and big hats. We decided that we could take that idea and run with it; and Karen suggested collage would be the best vehicle for this.

collage-birthday-cards-subjectsI hadn’t done much multi media art; but Karen has plenty of experience and lots of materials. So we had a mad, creative three days in her art studio. We painted with acrylics, tore up many kinds of paper — from tissue paper to napkins and card stock. Then we glommed it all on with lots of Mod Podge. Then we added more paint, more layers and used the hair dryer to speed the drying process.

“Does she need a bird on her hat?”
“How about a feather boa?”
[lots of laughing]

And oh yes, there may have been some wine involved!

karen-val-birthday-cards-beginningIt was such a blast to develop these women and their unique personalities. We each produced four ladies; and look how different Karen’s are from mine! My sister Diana suggested that we may have inadvertently done self portraits!!!  Check out this picture. Its hard to argue with that!

So when I mentioned to Caren Upshaw (my Real Estate agent and art patron) that I was thinking of making the ladies into birthday cards, she said she’d take a dozen.

Getting the Birthday Cards Printed

In the past when I had printed cards of my paintings made, I sent my images through cyberspace to an online printing company. This entailed a long complex process of cropping and clicking to specify what I wanted and place my order. Then I had to wait weeks for the cards to arrive in the mail.

This time I really wanted to “shop local” and use an Austin printer. That would enable me to confer with them about the options and get the cards to look just right. Bruce recommended MarketMailPrint (MMP) – an awesome print shop in North Austin — and they did a fantastic job. The paper quality and color reproduction were just what I needed. And they were fast! So now the ladies are ready to be shared WITH THE WORLD!

Do you have friends ‘of a certain age’ with birthdays coming up?

Call or email me to order some birthday cards!

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  1. Caren Upshaw says:

    wow, I didn’t know I was going to get a mention!! Can’t wait to get my “Girls” for next years birthday cards! DONE!