A Landscape Oil Painting — ‘Barbara in Provence’


 My Latest Landscape Oil Painting

“Love, love, love the painting. It’s a very unique way to preserve a special experience.”
— Barbara (my newest art patron)

For all my dear blog followers — you may be thinking this is the same landscape oil painting I posted in July. But No — It is a different lovely lady in the same garden in Provence, same chair and a similar hat! Although the view is completely different, the photos were taken at the same time on the same trip with Kyra! Isn’t that cool?

We all tend to take lots of photos when we’re on a trip. The new phones and digital cameras are so easy to use and take excellent photos. The pictures stimulate great memories when we get home. Most of the time we download the vacation images onto our computers. But how often do we get those photos printed and put in an album any more? Or get them framed?

Well, Barbara and Kyra will be frequently reminded of this special trip to France! They each have their very own landscape oil painting hanging right on the wall! I hope the paintings captured all the magic of that day for them. As I painted these landscapes, I felt like I had spent lots of time in that garden, too!

With summer wrapping up now, I hope you have all gotten to do some vacationing. I bet you’ve taken some great photos. Maybe some grandkids at the beach, a scene at a state park, or a pet frolicking in the pool?

My Next Oil Painting —
Landscape, Still Life or Portrait?

How about letting me paint you a memory?
It could be a portrait, still life or a landscape oil painting like this one. Send me one or more photos; and we can talk on the phone about the size and style you’d like. I’d love to do it!

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Austin, Texas oil painter focusing on portraits, landscapes and still life paintings
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3 Responses to A Landscape Oil Painting — ‘Barbara in Provence’

  1. Karen McDonald says:

    You have a beautiful way of capturing a beautiful memory – You can almost feel the warmth of the sun on her shoulders, and smell the fragrance of the blossoms in the garden! It makes me want to kick her out of that chair and sit in it myself!!

    • Thank you Karen! I think we should go to Provence and get our own photo to paint!

      • Karen McDonald says:

        Me too!! I’ve always wanted to see the lavender fields and the poppy fields, so we will have to go twice to see both of those seasons! Or — just stay a really long time!!!