A Floral Landscape Painting: Austin Bluebonnets


‘Bluebonnets 2014’ — Floral Landscape Painted by Valerie Rawlings

I was motivated to do this floral landscape painting by the amazing wildflowers that have sprung up all along our Austin highways. I’m surprised the flowers are so showy given our lack of rain this winter — but here they are!!!

Spring Floral Landscape — Painting Bluebonnets

Every year the Bluebonnets seem more impossibly beautiful than the year before. Was that color always so intense? How can there be so many on that rocky steep hillside? Yes indeed, welcome to spring in Texas! The older I get, the more I love seeing these wildflowers that seem to defy the elements and put an unbelievable show just for our pleasure!

I really enjoy painting floral landscapes; and this one is my salute to the 2014 Bluebonnets. These were growing right in my neighbor’s yard, so I was able to get a great close up photo without fear of being hit by a car!

Later in my studio, I was mixing paints and trying to get the colors right; and I realized how purple the blooms really are. And there’s some lavender and pink in the bloom too! Oh, I love these flowers. I always start to sing a song I learned in elementary school:

Blue, Bluebonnets oh so blue.
Your bright eyes are shining thru the silvery dew.
I know you’re a dolly offered for the rain.
I know you’ll return again — to Texas in the spring.

The Hazards of Painting Floral Landscapes

Despite the drought, this should be a good year for floral landscape painting in Austin. We’ve already had some great Indian Paintbrush blooms, and plenty of Bluebonnets. And I spotted some awesome red Poppies yesterday! These are the most likely suspects for my next floral landscape painting. But they’re alongside Bullick Hollow Road, a heavily traveled road with a narrow shoulder. So I’ll have to avoid rush hour and get my photo quickly to avoid getting run over.

Well, they say the best artists are risk-takers 😉


About Valerie Rawlings

Austin, Texas oil painter focusing on portraits, landscapes and still life paintings
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2 Responses to A Floral Landscape Painting: Austin Bluebonnets

  1. Caren Upshaw says:

    EXCELLENT BLUEBONNETS! Amazing how the sculptured knife often makes them look more real than real! how much for this beauty?