‘Classic Troll’ Figurative Painting


‘Classic Troll’ — 6″x6″ Oil on Canvas Figurative Painting — $100

This figure study subject is a troll doll — a little piece of nostalgia from my childhood. Ever since we moved into our new place on Lake Travis, I had been looking all over the house for my beloved Troll. I kept thinking he could be the star of a figurative painting, or even the basis for a series. I also imagined him becoming a Traveling Troll; I could take him on vacation and include him in photos of cityscapes and landmarks! (He’s much cuter than that Travelocity Traveling Gnome, IMHO). The possibilities were endless!! And I’m especially glad he is not like the trolls being sold now. (Even in “his day” he was different from the others).

Well, I was beginning to think I had thrown him out in the frenzy of the last couple house moves. But one day while hunting for an old cameo that belonged to Mom, I ran across Troll’s little home — a box with a heart sticker on the top. He had been hanging out with some of my old costume jewelry. I was so delighted to see him! And he looked just as happy to see me, as always. But I was a little stunned when I calculated his age — he’s 52 years old now!!!

So as a celebration of our reunion, I painted this ‘Classic Troll’ figurative painting — in an Old Masters-like still life setting. He looks so sophisticated this way, doesn’t he? Although he best fits the category of Figurative Art, he would also be adorable and unique posed in a portrait painting, landscape or still life; so I was in a quandary about which genre painting to do. You can expect to see him in future still life and figure studies; last month he came along with Karen and me on a trip to Dripping Springs, and I got some good photos in the spirit of “Keep Austin Weird”. So stay tuned for more figurative paintings of my Troll!

I’d like to know if YOU had a troll many years ago! What did it look like? And have you ever seen one like mine?

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Austin, Texas oil painter focusing on portraits, landscapes and still life paintings
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One Response to ‘Classic Troll’ Figurative Painting

  1. Jan says:

    Seeing your troll made my week! Nothing I enjoyed more as a child (well except for Barbie) than my troll dolls. I would condition their hair with Crisco oil and make tiny little clothes for them out of Kleenex and sometimes they required surgery so I would take a sharp pin and make marks on their tummies that looked like incisions and stitches. OMG too funny. Thank you, my friend, for taking me back in time 50+ years. Your troll has a glow about her and she is obviously happy to be part of your artistic life.