More Curled Up With a Good Book


‘Curled Up With a Good Book 4’ 8×8 Oil-on-Panel – $110


‘Curled Up With a Good Book 5’ 8×8 Oil-on-Panel – $110

Something very exciting happened while I was painting these photos of Karen. There is a gallery in Lakeway ( a suburb of Austin) where I had stopped in, just before my Florida trip. I talked to the owner of Art Affair Lakeway, Dena Largent, who is promoting local artists, jewelry makers, glass artists and painters. There are many beautiful things in there!   I told her I was an artist and she said she’d like to see my work. Well,  the problem with my paintings  is that most of it is commissioned (and long gone) or gifted ( and long gone). Fortunately, after the Florida trip I had all these paintings in my head, crying to be painted. So before long,  I had Curled Up #1 and #2 finished, and I decided just to take them in and see what Dena thought.  I was delighted that she liked them and suggested that she would like to have FIVE of them to go in a particular spot in some “cubby type” shelving in her gallery. And to add a little more excitement,  she said she wanted it by Feb 26th for an event the gallery was hosting that was a women’s networking group! I nearly knocked Dena down getting out the door to come home and paint! So Art Affair Lakeway is the reason this is a series of five and not just a pair of oil paintings! Thank you, Dena!
These five oil paintings are 8×8 on archival panels. $110 each, free shipping.

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