Curled up with a Good Book


‘Curled Up With a Good Book 1’ 8×8 Oil-on-Panel – $110

Here are three of the five oil paintings I painted from photos of my cousin Karen when we were in Florida in January. Karen is a big “show off” (nothing could be further from the truth) and she jumped at the chance to pose for me. Actually what she is, is extremely cooperative — and photogenic! She also carries herself like a kid and I knew she could fold herself into this great comfy chair, in a variety of ways. The photos turned out just the way I imagined and I ended up painting 5 of them. When I looked back at the first painting, I realized I had to repaint it on a different scale so it could look more like part of the series. So, if you have been following along on my Facebook page you may notice that Curled Up #1 has a new look!!

‘Curled Up With a Good Book 2’ 8×8 Oil-on-Panel – $110


‘Curled Up With a Good Book 3’ 8×8 Oil-on-Panel – $110

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Austin, Texas oil painter focusing on portraits, landscapes and still life paintings
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6 Responses to Curled up with a Good Book

  1. Sharon Jonas says:

    I really like this series. Great compositions and color. Love it!

    • Thanks, Sharon. It was fun picking the wildest, brightest colors to paint these women. I’ll have the last two paintings in the series posted on Wednesday — stay tuned!

  2. Karen McDonald says:

    You can paint me anytime, as long as you keep making me look so darn cute!! As always, I love your style, and as always, am amazed at the expression to bring to all of your paintings! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Thanks Karen, I am wondering where to go from here. Should I paint more women reading? I was thinking maybe snapping pictures of people reading in public places like Starbucks, bus stop, etc. If you were here you could pose in all sorts of places for me! Like in a tree! Well we will have to see if I have any luck running across a reader somewhere!

  3. Jan Yeonopolus says:

    This series of paintings would look so nice on the walls of a home library or in a reading nook in someone’s home. The colors are vibrant and feminine. I like the fact that the woman is reading a real book and not succumbing to technology – Nook iPad or SmartPhone.

    • What a great idea, Jan! Well someone could buy all the original oil paintings or…. prints! I will some day have a link to a site where prints can easily be made. I am getting lots of good feedback from “book nerds”. They also seem to like the concept of a REAL book. And do you have a reading nook in your beautiful new home?