Two Family Portrait Paintings: ‘Seneca’ and brother ‘Mason’

November and December Family Portrait Paintings

The paint has really been flying in my studio for the past two months. I’ve had the extreme thrill of receiving SEVEN commissions! Six of these are family portrait paintings and one is a pet portrait.

Although they’re all in the same portrait category, these projects represent a wide variety of subjects, settings and sizes. And this is the biggest backlog I’ve had since I began painting seriously. At the end of November I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get them all done in time for Christmas! But I’m all caught up now.

Since most of these creations are for Christmas presents, their identities are TOP SECRET!!! Shhhhhh don’t tell! 🙂

But I CAN reveal two of the family portrait paintings now, since these were done for an early December birthday present. Here are two cute siblings — Seneca and Mason:


‘Seneca’ and ‘Mason’

These two cherubs were commissioned by their mother’s aunt Lillian, my latest art patron. She lives right here in Austin, Texas; so I planned to deliver these family portrait paintings in person. When ‘Mason’ and ‘Seneca’ were complete, I drove them over and Lillian asked if I would like to see her art collection! Would I ever!

Delivering the Family Portrait Paintings and Viewing Lillian’s Art Collection

She had a houseful of stunning pieces, in every genre and medium. What a beautiful Austin home she has made with so many unique and thought-provoking pieces! I was grateful and flattered that she trusted me with her precious loved ones. She clearly has vast experience with looking at and appreciating art!

Not only that, she also commissioned another painting for her brother of his two handsome dogs! That one IS a Christmas gift; so I won’t post it ’til January.

I am so grateful for all of you who help in so many ways to support my art! 

Have a most wonderful Christmas season, and revel in the time spent with those you love!

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Austin, Texas oil painter focusing on portraits, landscapes and still life paintings
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2 Responses to Two Family Portrait Paintings: ‘Seneca’ and brother ‘Mason’

  1. Karen McDonald says:

    Adorable portraits, as always. I’ve been tempted lately to take a class and try painting some portraits, but why, when we have YOU???