Art Exhibition Reception at the Lake Travis Community Library


Austin Oil Painter Valerie Rawlings’ Artwork Exhibition
(photo credit to Caren Upshaw)

So far, my art exhibition at the Lake Travis Community Library has been successful on many levels. The whole experience has been very instructive, and deciding which paintings to select to represent my constantly evolving style was difficult. Almost like deciding which of your kids you love the most!

Eventually I selected 28 pieces — portraits, floral still lifes and just one landscape painting. The art exhibition selections ranged in size from small 6″x6″ still lifes up to a 16″x20″ figurative painting of Charly and some friends in a tree at her fifth birthday party. Since most of the paintings were small, they had to have special frames and unique mounting hardware applied to be compatible with the Library’s hanging system. Thankfully the installation happened a week before the reception; so we had time to work out the kinks. So far, only one painting has fallen off the wall!

We had 45 attendees at the reception on September 8th. These included family, friends, neighbors — and several library patrons who noticed the art exhibition through the glass walls and wandered in. My granddaughter Charly was there to point out that she was “the one” in seven of the paintings. I’m especially thankful to all my friends and family who came to cheer me on! I SO appreciate your support!

Here are a few things I learned, and will apply to future art exhibitions:

  • It’s important to make sure my paintings, frames and hangers are compatible with the gallery’s hanging system. My smaller paintings tilted and twisted on the Library’s suspension wires; and we had to do some last minute modifications to make this work.
  • I only had one landscape in the whole art exhibition, could have used a few more.
  • Many of my best portraits and florals were off in “private collections”, and not available for exhibit.
  • I received the most comments about the quirky paintings — The Troll, the Cupcake Trailer/Thundercloud Sub, Flying Pig, Flamingos, and The Torchy’s Devil.
  • In addition to my paintings, people were also interested in my custom note cards (with images from some of my floral still lifes, figure studies and animal paintings), and we sold quite a few of these.

All this seems to point to more painting! And for my next art exhibition, I’m going to paint larger pieces (24″x18″ and up) — and show more Austin landscape paintings. Earlier this summer, I attended a great  workshop in Denver on painting landscapes; but we painted Aspens! I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout no ASPENS!! I’m a central Texas gal. I love mesquites, live oak trees, cactus and agaves. Throw in a palm and I am completely at home (Corpus Christi roots and all).

I feel very invigorated by exhibiting my art and exposing my passion to the world! Onward with a new direction and more playing in the paint!

About Valerie Rawlings

Austin, Texas oil painter focusing on portraits, landscapes and still life paintings
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4 Responses to Art Exhibition Reception at the Lake Travis Community Library

  1. Caren Upshaw says:

    Yay Valerie! Supporting your creativity feels like a form of creativity to me, so that is good in a self serving way. Charly is even MORE adorable in person, and kudos to your excellent Hanger! The brownies were excellent too. Look forward to many more.

  2. Cheryl Andrews says:

    Congratulations, Val! I love the pic of you and Charly, too! 🙂

    • Thanks Cheryl! Speaking of my new painting direction, I bet there are some really picturesque scenes around Hunt! That is a great place for a landscape scene! Hope you are all well! We were driving around yesterday and I got a nice photo of prickly pear(with pears)near Georgetown Lake.